Chapter One: The Merge :: 2018-06-05 00:21:48 UTC :: posted by Jess

Welcome to Aetheria, version 2.0. This version of Aetheria featuring Yang Xiao Long from RWBY. Yang is one of my all time favorite characters of all series - she is strong, willful, passionate, and she goes through the same thing we do but gets around it in the end.

So today, I've made an update for the site and added a few things.

2 Designs - Featuring some headers my friend Pim has made. Make sure to go see her site, she has some wonderful headers.

1 Header - Featuring Yang from RWBY

5 Icons - 3 featuring Chikage from Sister Princess and 2 featuring Yang from RWBY.

1 Render - Featuring Yang from RWBY (again lol)

I plan to have more updates soon, but today I've ran out of time. smile.gif

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